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Authorize.Net CIM Integration

Authorize.Net CIM Integration

The perfect repeat billing solution where the client billing information is the same but the billing date and amount vary.

Is CIM for me?

Authorize.Net CIM allows vendors to bill their clients on request while maintaining their client sensitive billing information in a secure PCI compliant environment with Provide a convenient billing solution to your clients as they will never need to re-enter their billing information. Bill your clients different amounts each time and on the same or non-recurring dates.

Need to bill your clients for usage or services? Authorize.Net CIM is the right solution for you.


All the benefits of AIM, ARB and then some.
  • Elegant-You customers submit payment right on your site.
  • Flexible - Fully customizable payment process pages.
  • Secure Billing information stored in a PCI compliant environment at
  • Informative Response codes can integrate with your shopping cart or online application.
  • Recurring billing solution where the date and amount are the same. (e.g. subscription billing).
  • Recurring billing where the date and amounts are different (e.g. usage billing). 


  • SSL certificate
  • Programming

All Authorize.Net integration methods:

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