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Backend Administration Platform

We could have designed rockets but we chose to design:


Say goodbye to your web designer and take control of your site. No programming knowledge is required.

Our backend administration platform can save you time and money. It will allow you to control every aspect of your site, all from one place, and most important, you would be able to do all this by yourself.

The fully customizable administration backend platform can facilitate all the backend admin features controls. The platform is designed with its own separate login for site administrators. The admin backend is designed as a modular platform that allows future upgrades and easy modification without interrupting the sites functionality. The admin platform is designed as a scalable modular solution.

Here are some of the features you would be able to handle, these features can be customized to your specific needs, other features can be developed and integrated as well.

Client Management

The client management module manages all the information collected from the client/member during registration, The module includes a client/member summery page where all the members can be vied and sorted based on their account info. The module is designed as a drill down information manager. Once a client is located the admin can click to view their full account info, the information can be modified by the admin. The module also allows the site admin to de-activate or re-activate any account.

Order management
The order management module allows the admin to view, manage and process orders online, notify client when their order is processed and display order status.

Membership Management
For membership based sites. This module allows the admin to create different membership packages, and manage their cost and availability. Each membership package can have a different price and length of use. The site admin can modify the package price and duration at any time through the admin membership management module.

Shopping cart

The shopping cart system is an integral part of the system that calculates totals, adds shipping and handling charges, adds taxes based on location, or product type and manages the whole checkout process. The shopping cart is fully customizable and can be modified for your specific needs. This module can be added for ecommerce capabilities.

Payment Gateway Integration

To handle credit card transactions and other online payment solutions, the system can be integrated with any payment gateway such as Authorize.net, Cyber Source, PayPal and others. The integration sends the payment information to the gateway in a back channel so the visitor will never leave your site. The transaction will be processed and the result displayed on your site.

Data Base
The administration platform requires a database, the database is created based on the site requirements. The information contained in the database if fully manageable by the different backend administration platform modules. Each module manages a specific type of information. The database can be backed up or restored using the backup module.

Newsletter System

The newsletter system allows you to create and send personalized emails to site members or clients. The newsletter system has an integrated rich text editor, so creating and sending multimedia rich emails to your clients is a breeze.

Search Engine Optimization

The Search engine optimization (SEO) module is designed to enhance the site visibility on the search engines, and promote your products and services.

Content Management
Updating your pages content can be very easy using this module that is integrated with a rich text editor to allow anyone with no prior programming knowledge to keep the pages current.

Security Module
Manage your website security settings and control backend access, this module is integrated with a notification system.

Easily submit site or company news, manage news archive.

Submit articles or create them online using an integrated rich text editor, manage all article content, format and publishing dates. (Optional)

Write project description and upload images to create your portfolio pages using this module. (Optional)

The Administration module allows you to create new admin accounts to grant access to the backend management platform, you can also deactivate and reactivate accounts.

Backup System
Backup your site database with a click of your mouse,  create or restore a backup or download it to your hard drive or other portable media types for offline storage.

General Settings
Manage your site general settings, update contact information etc.

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