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Online Store Development

Custom online store design and development based on your specific business and its requirements.

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Online Store Services We Offer

The following list of services are services we offer to businesses who wish to create a new store, redesign or extend an existing one. Don’t see a service you are interested in the list below? We are likely too busy helping business owners with their projects that we just did not have the time to update ours. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss it.

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Online Store Design

From a graphic design mockup of your new store, to banners, hero images, promotional materials, and calls to action. We design it all.

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Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate any payment gateway with your website or application.

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Merchant Accounts Setup

Get a merchant account for your business and start accepting online payments.

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Database Development

Create a new database or update an existing one. Create new functionality or extend the one you already use.

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Products Setup

Will setup your products in the sew store including any variations.

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Shipping Methods & Costs Setup

We will Setup and configure your preferred shipping methods, and shipping costs calculation

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Website Hosting

Scalable cloud based hosting for your business website or web application.

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Domain Name Registration Consulting

Can’t find a domain name for your business website? We will help you find amazing options you can use.

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SSL Certificate Setup

SSL certificate configuration and installation.

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Tax rules configuration

Configure your online store to use the correct tax rules based on your state regulations and tax laws.

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Email notifications Setup

Set up your email marketing account, integrate it with your website so you can communicate with your customers.

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Security & Permissions Configuration

Configure your website security rules and user permissions, so users can only access where they should and keep out sensitive areas.

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Marketplace Integration

Extend your online store by connecting it to other marketplaces like Amazon and others.

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Social Media Integration

Integrate your online store with your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, to increase its exposure & Manage all from one place.

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Conversion tracking installation

Install & configure conversion tracking, so you can see how users found your website and if they ended up buying from your store.

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Discounts & Coupon codes setup

Promotions are what drives users to buy. We will setup your promotions and coupon codes and will train you on how to use them wisely to increase sales.

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Email marketing setup

Having an email marketing in place is one of the ways for business owners to generate additional sales from existing clients as well as prospects.

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B2B store setup

For Wholesellers, manufacturers, distributors and any business who sells to other businesses.

Available Store Types

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Business to Consumer (B2C/ Retail)


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Business to Business (B2B)


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Drop-ship Online Sores


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