Custom Files Management Process

A custom mobile friendly files management process developed from the ground up.

This custom web development solution was developed for a

B2B Label Printing Company

We could have designed rockets but we chose to design:

File Management,

 The File Management solution includes the following functionality:

  • Access a secure page displaying files
  • Download and review each file
  • Approve each file separately.
  • Reject specific files.
  • Provide feedback, requesting revisions for rejected files.

Additional features include:

  • Admin can initiate the process from a custom admin area.
  • Client receive a personalised email notification with a link they can use to access the page where files can be viewed and they can provide feedback.
  • Client does not need to log in.
  • The page displaying the files uses a secure 256 bit randomm code.
  • The random generated code expires when time limit reaches (this can be defined and changed as needed).
  • Admin is notified when files are approved or rejected.
  • Admin can manage the files from his admin platform and can upload revised file(s) to replave the ones rejected by the client.
  • The solution is 100% mobile friendly so the client can use this on a mobile phone and does not need to wait till they can access a desktop.


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